"Where Friendship Is More Than A Word And Christ Is The Head"

Monthly Training Meditation


January 2018

Isaiah 55:6 (NIV)
Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near.

Main Idea—
God is calling you into a deeper relationship – deeper than you’ve ever gone. Go! Follow God now!

Scriptural Context—
• There is Good News for those who have messed up.
• The Good News is what was accomplished through Jesus’s life, punishment, death, and resurrection.
• What God seeks is repentance.

Life Application—
• Seek the Lord with your whole heart, with all you are and with all you have.
• Many people believe God is real, and that they ought to live for God, but they put it off – they delay.
• No one is guaranteed a “later,” all we have for sure is right now!




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