"Where Friendship Is More Than A Word And Christ Is The Head"

Monthly Training Meditation


You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

Main Idea—
Give God full rights to the property that God already owns; Believers have been purchased with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Scriptural Context—
• Paul initially offers instruction to those who are in Christ about how they should properly settle their differences.
• Paul further describes God’s great work in us as emanating from the power of the Gospel to transform lives.
• We are not our own, but were bought with the priceless blood of Christ, therefore demonstrate gratitude by proper use of our bodies with service to God. 

Leadership Lesson—
• It is not unusual for a person to take better care of something that does not belong to them; keep in mind that our bodies are priceless, they belong to God.
• Because of the love God extends to us through Jesus Christ, we should be selflessly in love with God.
• That love should inspire priceless worship.

Life Application—
• We are not proprietors of ourselves, nor do we have power over ourselves; we should therefore not use ourselves according to our own pleasure
• No one has the right to pollute and abuse God’s property!
• Honor God with true worship, which is inclusive of a desire to build on our knowledge of God.  




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